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Eating Disorders

One of my specialties is in the treatment of Eating Disorders. I have experience helping clients with varying eating disorder presentations at various stages of their recovery process. This includes behaviors such as, food restriction, binge eating, purging, obsessive exercise, body dysmorphia as well as body dissatisfaction. Deciding to seek out help for your eating disorder concerns is an incredibly brave choice, and I am here to guide and support you through this process. We will explore your emotions and thought patterns that contribute to your eating disorder and help you to gain insight and awareness into your situation, along with gaining healthy coping skills. For any client seeking support for eating disorder concerns, I ask that you have a physical exam from your primary care physician and consider seeking the support of a registered dietician. I can offer referrals for dieticians that specialize in eating disorder treatment, if needed.

Statistics and Research on Eating Disorders


Research shows

of girls had suffered from a eating disorder by age 20.

1.1 - 4.6%


of females will develop bulimia.


Men & Women are

more likely to have a binge eating disorder than anorexia and bulimia.

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