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Authenticity is a collection of choices... the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.

 -Brene Brown

What To Expect At Your Visit


We will begin by completing a clinical assessment where I will have the opportunity to learn more about you, why you're seeking therapy and what your goals are. My hope is that you leave feeling a sense of connection with me as well as excitement and optimism about therapy.


Anxiety & Mood Disorders

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Eating Disorders




Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Family & Group Therapy

Services I Offer

Eating Disorders

I have experience helping clients in every stage of recovery with Eating Disorders, including food restriction, binge eating, purging, obsessive exercise, body dysmorphia as well as general body image dissatisfaction. Deciding to seek out help for your eating disorder concerns is an incredibly brave choice, and I am here to guide and support you through this process. Get in touch to learn more.

Anxiety & Mood  Disorders

I provide treatment for a wide range of conditions related to mood & anxiety disorders. If you feel sad for extended periods of time, or experience intense feelings of worry or panic you are not alone. I practice various types of therapy for anxiety and mood disorders and incorporate mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment therapy. Contact me to see how I can help you.


Using practices with research and clinical support, I currently provide treatment for individuals who have experienced trauma. I will assist you in understanding the biological basis of trauma and the automatic survival responses that the human body uses when faced with fear. Together we will explore the concept of resilience and help you to restore balance to your mind and body.

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